types of services offered

We offer two types of services:  Onboarding Services and Sustaining Services.  Whether you are new to BLOOM or you are an existing client purchasing additional modules, we want you to get the most out of our software solutions. We constantly use your feedback to improve our products and to improve your customer experience.

Onboarding Services

We offer a personalized onboarding plan designed to help you get the most out of each of our modules. We work shoulder to shoulder with your team to achieve the full benefits of technology (e.g., more interactive and immersive learning; increased student, staff, and community engagement and participation; improved cost savings and operational efficiency).  We not only train your team on specific products, but we also teach them key principles to optimize utilization of technology across functions to get the most out of technology in day -to-day operations.

Sustaining Services

We provide more than just hosting services.  We annually review how you can improve the outcomes you are getting with our software. Technology can transform communication, teaching, learning, and day-to-day work in a school system. Our team will be by your side on your continuous improvement journey. We can help you develop performance metrics to monitor progress, organize data in ways that are understandable and meaningful for your stakeholders, and develop an improvement roadmap that prioritizes next steps based on your needs.  We are here to help adjust your plan in real time if your needs change.

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more than just great software

With BLOOM as with all our LEAN Frog Digital solutions, you get a team of professionals dedicated to your success.  We work shoulder to shoulder with your team to achieve the full benefits of BLOOM.  We provide training on each module to ensure the people who use it most understand not only the WHAT (What is BLOOM? how do you use it?) but more importantly the WHY – why it benefits them as users and why it benefits students.