bloom enables


BLOOM maximizes teacher and administrator time, focus, and communication while ensuring data integrity.

BLOOM is completely automated and paperless through its direct integration with the Student Information System (SIS). This automation eliminates the transfer of sensitive student information via paper or other channels that can delay responses for students and teachers. Automatic notifications reduce response delays associated with paper forms and reminder notifications help teachers and administrators ensure the timeliness of follow-up measures.

Teachers and administrators can use their laptop, mobile phone, or tablet to log positive or negative student behavior anytime, anywhere – in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, etc. BLOOM reduces the interruption of learning as teachers can quickly document daily behavior issues, identify bullying threats, and log potential threats to individuals or to the school. The SIS integration optimizes data entry and helps ensure that the positive or negative behavior is attributed to the correct student.

BLOOM ultimately decreases the time spent on documenting student behavior. The quick and easy logging of behaviors allows teachers to focus on student learning and school administrators to focus on supporting the strategic direction of the school.


BLOOM improves transparency between teachers, principals, and administrative staff so all have an accurate view of student behavior and school response.

BLOOM is customized to meet each school’s code of conduct and local/state threat assessment requirements. This makes the monitoring, managing, and reporting of Student Behavior, Threat Assessments and Interventions clear, standardized, and documented.

BLOOM’s dynamic dashboards and notifications improve transparency between teachers, principals, and other administrative staff as these internal stakeholders can have a record of student behavior and the associated responses. Necessary communication, transparency, and accountability are promoted through real-time feedback on the status of responses to student behavior. Both teachers and administrators are better equipped and can work in harmony to address the needs of individual students.


BLOOM ensures interventions are deployed quickly and communicated eliminating time delays and safeguarding that focus remains on student learning.

BLOOM makes early intervention possibly by capturing early warning signs. Its robust reporting features allows teachers and administrators to capture and understand the multi-faceted aspects of student behavior. Powerful behavioral dashboards help responsible parties quickly understand when, where, and how often behavioral expectations are and are not being met. Teachers and administrators can make real-time decisions based on visible trends and focus on the specific behavior needs to improve or reward a student’s behavior.

BLOOM’s ease of use and its transparency allow student interventions (and rewards) to be deployed quickly and communicated for success to students, staff, and parents. From routine behavior responses to identifying bullying incidents and potential school threats, BLOOM provides the ability to ensure a safe and learner friendly school environment.