BLOOM is a software platform that empowers school districts to improve student behaviors and safety through a web-based digital solution for tracking both positive and negative student behavior, addressing potential student threats and managing interventions.

BLOOM helps your school team work together to improve student behavior and ensure student safety. The platform is accessible across all device types and fully integrates with your school’s Student Information System (SIS). This means that BLOOM is quickly available to capture incidents whether in the classroom, lunchroom, hallway or anywhere on campus. Through seamless SIS integration, BLOOM automatically maintains current student information and class rosters without requiring annual setup or double data entry on behalf of teachers or staff.

BLOOM seamlessly merges with your school system’s individual requirements. The platform is customized to your school’s code of conduct and local/state threat assessment requirements to reinforce the behavioral expectations of your school.

BLOOM reduces response delays associated with paper forms and helps your team meet state reporting requirements with less time and greater accuracy. Automated workflows make it easier for your team to proactively monitor, manage, and report student behavior (positive or negative), bullying incidents, potential threats and interventions.

Empower student success and safety with BLOOM today!